A Question of Performance

In A Question of Performance we talk with leaders in business, elite athletes and coaches, people who have overcome challenges and those at the top of their game, about what improves, limits and drives performance in sport, the workplace and life.
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A Question of Performance


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Jun 30, 2017

How can we support children to develop into elite athletes? In episode 19 we chat to Performance and Coaching Scientist, Katie Richards. We discuss the explosion in success of British Gymnastics, the issues facing young elite performers and how a supportive coaching framework can enable talented children to develop.


Katie Richards is a Chartered Scientist, BASES Sport & Exercise Scientist, Senior Lecturer Sport Psychology at St Mary’s University and is completing her PhD in the skill acquisition strategies utilised by high-performance coaches, and their psychological impacts.

She has worked in a range of sports including gymnastics, mixed martial arts, pistol shooting, synchronised swimming, golf & Paralympic sitting volleyball. She is most active within the discipline of women’s artistic gymnastics and was National Squad Coach in Aerobic Gymnastics 2007-2010. Currently she concentrates the majority of her time towards developing young performers (5-10 years) towards the elite performance pathway.

Visit Katie's website here.

Jun 16, 2017

How do you inspire a nation? In episode 18 we chat to Sharon Fuller – the editor of BBC Sports new live events service. We discuss behavioural change campaigns, how audiences are consuming sport across broadcast, digital & interactive content and how she measures success.

Sharon Fuller is an Editor at BBC Sport and has worked the broadcast coverage of multiple events covering everything from Archery to Zumba including the odd Formula One season and an Olympics or two. She runs the BBC's Get Inspired campaign to get the nation active as well as Red Button and Live Stream sport. She's a champion of diversity and of promoting women's sport. She is also often seen getting her hands dirty at cycle races.